Compost $47 per yard

A mixture of different organic ingredients blended together and processed into a rich, organic compost. Use in your flower gardens, vegetable gardens, yards, trees and bushes. Adds organic matter and loosens tight soil.

Compost loosens tight soils Compost adds organic matter to the soil Compost is an organic soil amendment. There are no harsh chemicals Compost is environmentally friendly No matter what soil type, growing conditions, or what you’re growing, compost improves your soil and helps make your garden healthier.

How to use Compost

New Lawns

Apply Organic Compost at approximately 1 Cubic yard per 300 square feet at 1″ deep. Rake or till into existing soil. Broadcast seed on surface, roll, then water often until grass reaches 2 inches.

New Gardens

Apply Organic Compost at approximately 1 Cubic yard per 150 square feet at 2″ deep. Till to a depth of about 6″-8″

Established Gardens

Apply Organic Compost to a depth of about 2″ and rake or hoe into the soil, if possible.

Planting Trees & Shrubs

Dig a hole 1/3 wider and 1/3 deeper than the root ball. Mix one part Organic Compost to one or two parts loosened soil. Backfill hole to allow top to root to rest at ground level. Firm down soil and fill remainder of hole, being careful to pack tightly to prevent air pockets. Form a slight basin to catch rain water for the young roots. Water thoroughly.

Potted Plants

Carefully remove plant from old container, disturbing roots as little as possible. Put Organic Compost in the bottom of the container, pressing firmly to prevent air pockets. Water thoroughly.

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